Top android apps for old 2012


As the new year beckons, resolution time is upon the masses once more. For those who are wishing that they can keep themselves more productive in 2012, we have put together a list of apps for all those Android users (who some readers have suggested we have been neglecting) to help them keep their resolutions going all year long. We took to the reviews and looked around at the various suggestions offered around the web to find a range of apps that we hope can help cover all of your bases for staying on track.With over 20 different free Android apps featured (some you have seen before and some you may have not), we are pretty sure that most of you will not be leaving this post without a few new apps in tow. Get ready to get more productive!


How could we make a productivity list of apps and not include the ever-popular Evernote? Most of our readers are probably already a bit familiar with this helpful application, and may actually be using it on other devices. Now its power and organizational aids can be added to your Android mobile arsenal, complete with a handy widget.

Advanced Task Killer
While not necessarily needed for newer versions of the Android OS, some users still like having a quick and easy task manager for managing their apps and battery life. Advanced Task Killer is the one many users turn to for this added management and peace of mind.

Google Goggles

A timesaving way to search your surroundings and more using your phones built in camera. Google Goggles is an interesting new way for users to explore not only the web, but the world around them as well. From images to phrases and more, your camera can capture a wide range of information that will be automatically searched for (or translated) via Google.

Another definite oldie but goodie, Dropbox can allow Android users to now easily access their synced and saved data, without having to switch to a new device. Streamlining your workflow even more, by bringing one more area of connectivity between your devices for data sharing.

I’m a huge supporter of Tumblr. The CMS platform has a very unique way of working and it can enable you to build a very popular blog completely for free.
The Android and iOS apps for the platform was recently updated to v3.0 with a whole new look and user experience.The app has now been updated to v3.1 which makes content creation and content sharing easier. Discovering content has also been updated a little, allowing you to follow tags.When reblogging content you now get “advanced sharing” options, which will allow you to distribute content to social networks like Twitter.

iOS changelog:
– Notifications get a slick new thingy.
– Find blogs to follow through your contacts or Facebook.
– Your friends can now sign up right inside the app.
– Track tags that you find amazing.
– Fast reblog when no words are needed. (Just tap and hold the reblog icon.)
– Hold down the Like button for some new sharing options.
– Fan Mail! Message to your heart’s content.

Android changlog:
– Post anything: Share photos, video, quotes, chats, links, and text. Bonus ‘create a post’ widget for your home screen.
– Advanced controls: Save drafts, queue posts, customize tweets, and more!
– Messages: View and reply to messages.
– Address book: Find people to follow from your address book.
– Multiple blogs: Seamlessly manage all of your blogs.

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