Top fitness apps for men 2012


If you’re a social media junkie, we’ve got the perfect fitness class for you. In the Klout Workout—inspired by the company that uses a point system to measure your influence across social networks—participants rack up points based on their own performance in the gym.

But here’s where things get weird: The class, which was created by fitness trainer Alexandra Williams and recently debuted at San Diego’s IDEA World Fitness Convention, requires you to fiddle with your phone during an actual workout. For example, at one station that takes its cues from Reddit, you actually hold the plank position on a stability ball while reading emails and texts on your mobile.

If you truly want to make big gains at the gym, though, you probably shouldn’t be tweeting in between sets and reps. But there are still plenty of ways that technology can enhance your workout. Download these 6 apps to help ignite your muscles and fry away fat—with the swipe of a finger.

Upgrade Your Hoops Game with Nike+ Basketball
Designed to work exclusively with shoes that contain the latest Nike+ Sport technology, this app syncs your kicks directly to your mobile and allows you to measure your athleticism. Not only can you record the height of your vertical jump, the app also tracks how quickly you can move up, down, and around the court. (Free for iOS)Be a Better Runner with RunKeeper
You won’t find many apps—especially free ones—more versatile than Runkeeper. It covers all the basics: GPS tracking, tools that measure distance, speed, and calories burned, and it’ll keep your workouts archived. Upload everything to to track your progress over the weeks, months, or years and share your newest running routes with friends. (Free for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.) And for more running apps that will help you burn calories and slash minutes off your mile time, check out The Best Apps for Runners.Track Your Heart Rate with BeatMeter
Sure, you can feel the sweat dripping down your body during a workout—but how hard are you really working? Here’s an app that helps you find out by recording your measured heartbeats per minute. All you have to do is locate your pulse—try pressing your carotid artery at the base of the neck—then tap the screen each time you feel it. After 60 seconds, your results will be ready. ($0.99 for iOS)Pump Up the Jams with Music Interval Training Tool
Whether you’re hitting the track or pounding out sprints on the bike, this app helps take your intensity to the next level. How it works: Create a high intensity and low intensity playlist to accompany your interval training, then set the number of seconds you want to exercise at each intensity. When you’re going hard, the music will sync with the upbeat tunes. Then once the interval is up, the music switches to something more low key. ($0.99 for iOS) (Want to upgrade your cardio routine? Check out these killer Interval Training Workouts.)

Gain Flexibility with Authentic Yoga

Brought to you by Deepak Chopra and yoga master Tara Stiles, this app comes equipped with killer visuals designed to help you develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Authentic Yoga allows you to choose between instructional lessons, individual poses, or special routines assembled by Chopra and Stiles. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it’s suitable for all levels. ($1.99 for iOS)

Plus, try our newest app! The Men’s Health Pushup Challenge blasts your upper-body with over 30 awesome variations of the classic pushup. As the most comprehensive pushup training app ever designed for the iPad, this is the only program powerful enough to help both pushup pups and pushup pros score more on the floor. Click here to try the Men’s Health Pushup Challenge! ($2.99 for iOS)

Apple’s drilled it into your head: There’s an app for everything. The expensive communication box (or MP3 player, if you have the iPod Touch) can make fart sounds, help you learn a new language and even turn your photos into cartoon stills. And it can help you get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle—for much cheaper than a personal trainer or nutritionist. To get you started, we put together a roundup of the best apps on the market right now:

Lose It

Consolidate your workout journal and food diary into one (or start keeping them) with this handy tracker. Inputting data can get tedious but the food library is extensive and includes name-brands plus generic categories like fruit, coffee and chicken (broiled, oven roasted, etc.). Each food type includes accurate calorie, carb, fiber, fat, sodium and protein values, which you can track on a separate page. Add in your daily exercises—including the intensity and hours spent—and it calculates how many calories you ate, how many you burned and how much more you can eat that day. For added motivation, a graph based on your data shows how much weight you’ve lost.

Cost: Free
Perfect for frequent travelers, this app recommends healthy food options based on your location, which is tracked by GPS. It targets popular casual dining restaurants, fast-food restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores nearby. Tap one of the suggestions and a lengthy list of healthy menu items appears, complete with calorie, fat and carb totals. Once you decide on a place, simply let the built-in map guide you to gastro-satisfaction.


Cost: Free
Did you know that cut melon must be thrown out after two hours? Or that the leanest beef cuts include round steaks and roasts? Or that oysters contain protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron? This colorful app has fun factoids like these and more than 500 others to help you have a safe and healthy diet. Each tip is written on a sleek Post-it look-alike. Swipe the page or shake your device for a new tidbit.

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