Top Five Android News Apps For The On-The-Go Droid


Getting the latest news while you’re on the go is one of the benefits of owning an Android phone. News feeds and readers are aplenty, and sometimes you just want an app that gives you the damn news straight to your damn phone without the fancy UI, bells, whistles, etc.

Have no fear, we have 5 news apps that will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening around the world. And the best thing about keeping abreast with the news: it makes for great small talk when you run out of things to say during a date.

1. Engadget (Free)

The Engadget app is perfect for the techie in you. Anything from the hottest new Android tablet to the weirdest crapgadget, this site has it all (almost).

The app is small and takes up very little estate space in your SD Card, but delivers relatively quick-loading articles with images you can view directly on your phone. The UI is a great adaptation of it’s web-based counterpart, so if you’re familiar with the actual site itself, you will find that the format quite similar.

2. News Republic (Free)

The best thing about this little app is that you can customize it to show only the topics that you are interested in. On its own, it’s a great news app. It even has a widget for headlines that refreshes fairly often. As a bonus, you also get that sense of smug satisfaction by being the first in your social circle to post the latest news. Yup, this app can do that for you as well and you can send whatever news you find via email, Twitter or Facebook. It even has a nifty UI for hashtags so you can join the trending crowd and be, well, trendy.

3. TIME Mobile (Free)

Simply put, it’s like the magazine but in digital format. The UI is fairly simple and straight to the point with very few (almost none, actually) bells and whistles. Let’s face it, good content doesn’t need anything else but a good readable interface, right? If you’re a fan of TIME magazine and their articles, or if you like browsing through the website for contributor articles, then this app is for you.

4. AP Mobile (Free)

Get all your Associated Press news from the clean and fluid screens of this app. One of its unique features is that you can take a peek at just the photos associated with the news through the Photos tab up top. The app both has social sharing built-in as well as a customizable interface that lets you choose what stories show up first.

5. ESPN Score Center (Free)

Sometimes you just want to know the score of your (fantasy) team, plain and simple. This app fulfills that function so you can rest a bit easier knowing your favorite team is leading by a comfortable margin. And this here is the official ESPN app, so you know it’s legit.

You can even customize it to filter out the teams (and sports) you don’t follow, while alerting you of an update of those that you do. So if you’re into baseball, basketball, soccer, football, cricket, and more, this app is here to help you keep score.

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