Top technology news apps 2012


Every week, we’re filtering through the thousands of new iOS apps to pick out the 10 most noteworthy. It’s invariably subjective, so please do make your own recommendations in the comments section.No games are included: there’s a separate weekly post for them. Why not Android? There’s a separate post for that too. Windows Phone and BlackBerry will be getting monthly roundups, although as the flow of high-quality apps increases, the intention is to take those weekly too.

Broadcast for Friends

This social video app is the work of Ustream, a company that’s been helping people livestream video for years. The idea here is to make the process easier, and also tie it into Facebook. The app enables you to broadcast live to your Facebook friends over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, with Instagram-style filters thrown in for good measure.

Prismatic: Always Interesting
Soon there may well have to be news aggregation apps to aggregate all the news from all the news aggregation apps. Yes, there’s quite a few. Prismatic is the latest entrant into the market, serving up news based on your interests, and promising to learn from your usage.

Maxthon Web Browser
Is there room for a new player in the mobile browser space, given the competition from Chrome, Opera Mini and (obviously) Apple’s native Safari? Maxthon hopes so. Its separate iPhone and iPad browsers claim to be “lightning fast”, with tabs, cloud-synchronised bookmarks, a reader mode for articles and a private mode for… Well, whatever you use private browsing modes for.
iPhone / iPad

Neil Diamond HD
A non-HD version is also available for iPhone, but for the full coffee-table effect, the iPad is probably the better platform. This is an official app for crooner Neil Diamond, complete with 20 full-length songs, an hour of audio commentary from the man himself, a wardrobe of his “most iconic stage costumes”, and purchasable digital tour-books from his various tours down the years.
iPhone / iPad

his Friday I know right where I’ll be: waiting in my home office for my iPhone 5 to show up at my door. The problem? I might not hear the delivery driver knock knock knocking on my door. The last time I ordered a big product directly from Apple — I think it was my iPad — I was happily working away in my office. Maybe I was on the phone.

With ubiquitous Google Maps installed as standard on smartphone OS market leader Android’s devices, why anyone would need anything else? Well, the principal benefit of an app like BackCountry Navigator Pro GPS is that it provides offline access to topographic maps, which represent terrain using graphical contour lines, aiding in outdoor-activity navigation.

Burner phones are not just for criminals. They’re also not just for guys who are caught in Jack Bauer or Jason Bourne situations where misguided law enforcement wants to catch them as much as the bad guys. No, a burner phone can be handy for nearly everyone, it turns out, and it even can be used for things that have nothing to do with nighttime nefarious activities.

Soon iPhone users won’t see the YouTube app on their handsets and will have to go to the YouTube website from the Safari browser. Apple won’t be including the app in iOS 6, as its licensing deal with YouTube is now ending. The video-sharing social networking service is now owned by Google, of course, and this could be Apple’s latest move to reduce the presence of its rival.

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