Top Ten things you can do on your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) phone


Everyone is planning ga-ga over Frozen goodies Sandwich. Since that time it was unveiled, third-party Android developers are already hard at work porting leaking into each and every possible phone and also improving the inventory firmware with additions that belongs to them. We’ve seen Frozen goodies Sandwich in store form, throughout it’s purest type without HTC’s Impression UI at the top, various aesthetically changed versions, in addition to those that have received performance raises.

It makes sense that will because Soft ice cream Sandwich will be the hottest point making times in the Android development community which everybody would want a part of it, however what makes Frozen treats Sandwich delicious? To answer your own question, we’ve build a list of the top 10 things that you can do on your Frozen goodies Sandwich phone. Remember, this is inside no distinct order.

Face Unlock

First thing you notice with Frozen treats Sandwich is it looks distinctive from Gingerbread but you’re possibly being as well busy checking the new wallpaper in your lock monitor to realize that you could unlock the phone without getting into a password.

As a result of Face Unlock, your phone employs its front-facing camera to acknowledge you. Which means it opens only when you choose it up, properly preventing nosy buddies, family along with strangers via perusing your own phone’s content once you aren’t looking. Just hold up the phone at attention

Face Unlock isn’t perfect, although, and a variety of factors can prevent your phone’s front-facing camera to talk to your face effectively. While creating Face Unlock, you can make a choice from Pattern discover and Green unlock while a backup plan at any time Face Unlock fails to discover your face.

One more possible concern is if someone whom looks like a person, like a relative with the same group of features, or perhaps an evil dual, may actually have the ability to effectively uncover your phone with his/her deal with. But, what are chances of that will happening?


Given that phones have grown to be more powerful, supplying specs how the phones regarding yesteryears may only imagine, the attraction to do way too many things at once in your Android device may be calling to be able to users. The amount of things we could accomplish with apps certainly isn’t assisting us steer clear of temptation.

Inside older variations of Android software program, users were required to download a job switcher application for his or her phones, nevertheless with Ice Cream Meal, that is will no longer necessary. Only long-press on the Residence button to determine which applications are wide open. Scroll through minor screenshots and tap into the one that you wish to jump straight into. You can bounce back out by simply tapping exactly the same button.

In the event that isn’t cool sufficient, multitasking also means whitening the load on the phone. When you’re studying the list of open applications, a person won’t need to separately jump in to an application to shut it. Just swipe the application’s small screenshot away your display to the right and the request is gone along with closed. Frozen treats Sandwich successfully lets you control your assets without throwing away unnecessary period.

Quick Call Response

There are two things that most safety-conscious drivers currently should know. Reduce costs is “Don’t beverage and drive.” The subsequent one, that’s equally important, will be “Don’t text and also drive.” In fact, if you possibly could help it, don’t grab your phone. You will never know when any sort of accident is just stalking behind the particular corner.

However let’s just claim that you can’t avoid your phone phoning several times so you really want to inform the person contacting that you can’t reply his/her call due to the fact you’re driving. Anyone don’t need to await a red mild to answer the phone call just to explain to him/her that.

Speedily dismiss telephone calls with a text message; like that the person who’s contacting knows that he/she has to wait. Rather than just swiping for you to dismiss the phone call, swiping way up while someone’s contacting you will give you the option to deliver the unknown caller a text message.

Soft ice cream Sandwich will come with a number of termination templates, which include “I’ll call you later” along with “I’ll call you back.” The phone will likely then send what it’s all about of your choice for the caller. When you’d like to customise your retrenchment message, Frozen goodies Sandwich enables you to do that, also, with the lowermost alternative, “Custom message.”

As well as, yeah. This nice feature functions not just regarding drivers. It furthermore works in case you are in the middle regarding a meeting or even in cases when you just don’t feel like giving an answer to calls.

Voice Input

Multitasking looks like it’s Ice Cream Sandwich’s growing trend. Not only do you have got easy job switching, however you also escape time and your health by being in a position to send a speedy message for you to callers although you’re driving.

An additional feature involving Ice Cream Hoagie is voice input. In case you’re the type of person which comes up with the most effective ideas whilst just chatting free-flow, Ice Cream Sandwich’s voice input serp is here to look at notes. Actually.

Tap the actual microphone switch located at the base of the keyboard and begin talking. The actual voice input engine will certainly transcribe what you are saying onto the display for you. Whenever you’re done speaking, look over just what the voice input engine’s managed to copy out of your words and phrases. Since not every things are perfect, it is possible to correct typing errors and confusing words prior to sending away your information.

Customize and Organize

What would Android not have the ability to modify? Just like throughout Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sub users will discover that they can include widgets on their homescreen for easy accessibility to data in which apps can provide and also resize individuals widgets, possessing power over discovering more information or even less.

In the event that you’ve got a a lot of extra apps but you don’t might like to do away with them, you can de-clutter the homescreen with homescreen folders. When you’re familiar with just how iOS’s own homescreen operations works, basically long-tap and pull an application symbol over to one more icon. Discharge and you’ll see that a folder has been produced on your homescreen.

Automatically, the directory is un named but you can certainly rename that yourself. How we group the applications into a file is completely your responsibility. You can team applications into a directory solely regarding Productivity, or even a folder on your Music. The ability to customize and organize is within your hands.

That’s its not all; Ice Cream Meal lets you place speed face shortcuts of folks you might often contact directly into folders and even put men and women in the favorites holder. Talk about ease of access. Here’s how it’s usually done:

Available the App Cabinet.

Scroll on the Widgets part and find the particular widget symbol for “Direct Switch.”
Long-tap on the Immediate Dial app and fall it on the homescreen.
When the Folks app or Associates list shows up, select the speak to that you need to assign on the Direct Face icon on your own homescreen.

Repeat the process as frequently as there are connections you’d like to designate Direct Face to. To manage the Primary Dial techniques into a directory, simply decrease a new Direct Call shortcut on an existing upon.
Uniform Web surfing Experience

Years ago, people needed to wait until they were given home to browse the Internet. Once the Internet grew to become accessible to telephones, it was a minor slow, awkward and a lots of pages weren’t enhanced for cellular browsing nevertheless.

Now that a lots of websites possess specific templates tailored only for people searching on their cellular phones, users still the problem regarding not having a similar browsing knowledge they have on his or her computers. Think about your bookmarks which you spent all night long consolidating as well as organizing? Suppose you didn’t reach bookmark the websites you needed however you know you’d them during your search history?

The great news for Opera and Safari users is both web browsers are available for Soft ice cream Sandwich. Exactly what that means for those who want to remain organized and also who want to have all the feaures within their attain is that favorites, search record, and passwords can be synced upwards. The portable browsers perhaps let you see the tabs you had open on your desktop so you can grab reading it on your phone that provided left away from on the computer.

Control Network Data

Don’t find too diverted with surfing the web. Unless you’re connected to a Wi-Fi connection, your current hours browsing the web may not you need to be burning the battery but additionally burning a pit in your wallet.

With the way you can easily look at Internet upon our cell phones, it doesn’t consider a lot for individuals to go over each of our monthly reduce. You might find on your own paying a ton more than you ought to next time your own bill also comes in.

Ice Cream Hoagie helps you keep an eye on your Internet consumption. Found beneath Settings, the actual Usage web site provides you with files meters that you could adjust. In case you have a certain restrict per month, just adjust the particular meters to mirror it. It’s also possible to adjust your warning multimeter to your sought after warning tolerance, say half-way on your usage reduce, so that Frozen goodies Sandwich could notify anyone when you’re virtually at the end of the limit.

Android Beam

Close to Field Interaction (NFC) sounds a ton like some thing from a sci-fi flick, yet it’s actually a new advancement in the world of technology. A several years ago, NFC commenced figuring inside pilot research, particularly in The european union where folks only needed to tap their own phone against a chips whenever they acquired on and off a teach. Their every day fares ended up then computed and the railway routed monthly debts.

Though which hasn’t quite engaged, NFC has other reasons such as shifting information involving two mobile phones. Of course, the actual phone you have and the phone you’d want to swap data with must be prepared with NFC chips. Just tap your own phones collectively to switch on NFC functionality as well as swap files like Metacafe videos, contact info, and other components of information.

Disregard Notifications with a Tap into of Your Little finger

You might have observed the draw down-style notification plate on iOS nevertheless Ice Cream Sub isn’t willing to try to be a third-rate copycat. In fact, that one federal express the iOS’ notice tray by providing users the ability to actually flick absent notifications a person don’t care about.

In case you don’t feel like responding to your announcements at this moment, basically dismiss people who aren’t very important as well as save those that matter with regard to later.

Anyone don’t even have to unlock your current phone to be able to accessibility your alert tray both; you can just take it lower from the lockscreen.

Camera and Photo Gallery

In the event that you’ve been loitering the Android growth community, you’ve probably witnessed people make an effort to port the actual Ice Cream Sub Camera app to other telephones that don’t appear to have Ice Cream Meal in their long term.

But, the reason why import exactly the Camera app, you ask? That’s for the reason that Ice Cream Sub Gallery software has been renewed, displaying pictures in a magazine-like design with not a lots of ugly space involving photos.

Faucet on a image and you’ll manage to edit this with all sorts of filtration and after-effects. With regard to a stock camera app, the quantity of editing choices are pretty respectable. You have access to choices like illustrates, Shadows, Auto-fix, Cross-process, Posterize, Lomo, Documented, Vignette, Film Wheat, and Fisheye. Pretty good for a shutterbug out and about.

And, whilst taking screenshots is just not exactly a objective of the phone’s camera, Frozen goodies Sandwich had been built with ancient capability to take screenshots of your phone with no your needing to install a good screengrabber app. All you need to can be hold on the Power as well as Volume Straight down buttons at the same time. Your screenshots will be stored to your phone, and you may view these from within the particular Gallery app, where you can talk about those screenshots with your pals.

Grab a Bite of ICS Today

If that list of characteristics has got the mouth watering, remove that slobber away which will help prevent dawdling. We’ve given you your top 10 things you can do in your Ice Cream Meal phone, so why suppress? If your phone’s received an official up-date for the firmware, revise now. Whether it doesn’t, take a to research the Android development community. It’s likely that quite high in which you’ve got Frozen goodies Sandwich for the phone in one means or another, regardless of whether it’s a port of the particular stock firmware as well as a custom Range of motion based on Frozen treats Sandwich.

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