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How you can Turn Off the Airport terminal Mode on the Motorola Android

As the airplane mode on the Motorola Android may prove useful throughout a real flight, the feature could be decidedly less useful if it’s accidentally switched on without your understanding how to power it down. Considering that airplane mode hinders all the wireless functions from the Android, accidentally turning this selection on may prevent all texts, voice calls and emails from reaching the unit before you deactivate the feature.
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Menu Method

Press “Menu” in the desltop after which choose “Configurations.”

Scroll to and choose “Wireless & Systems.”

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Tap “Airplane Mode” to toggle the feature off.

Press the “Home” key revisit your house screen.
Energy Key Shortcut

Press and contain the Energy key until a menu seems on screen.

Tap “Airplane Mode” to toggle the feature off.

Press the “Home” key revisit your house screen.

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