Uninstall google plus from android phone


how you can completely remove google from android phone
I’m searching to totally remove anything google from inside my os
hello, some time back I had been reading through on which files to remove inside my filesystem (2.3)
anybody understand what to remove?
I recall one file lost me industry – I’m okay with this!
The heartbeat that google transmits back and 4th – that file must go!
From Google?

Well, I believe no one is able since you are going to possess a minimum of a Google account to have the telephone work.

I’m not really sure why anybody would do. No Search? No Voice Actions? No YouTube (yes, Google is the owner of that). No Gmail? No calendar? No Maps? No Google Navigation? Heck, you’d even need to take away the Play Store.

This is an Android phone…it combines with Google services (exactly the same way an apple iphone combines with Apple services). If you would like Android, you are within the Google ecosystem, if you do not, you most likely will need to go elsewhere.

This isn’t designed to offend, however it appears like this type of wild available request, I must question if you are serious, and when so, why? Could it be a tinfoil hat scenario?

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