Unnamed Android Messaging App


Is it real? Real as concrete. Rock solid. But there hasn’t been a leak from Google regarding specifically what it is. Much much less exactly what it’s called. It’s purpose is obvious though: be to Android devices what iMessage and BBM are to their respective individuals.

Unfortunately there’s nothing else to go by on this front, except that the usual mobile carriers join a great deal of problem as soon as Android, EDGE, and Apple introduce their own messaging platforms. At the very least this was the gist of a Wall Street Journal Story that softly ‘cracked’ the headlines of Google’s intents for messaging.

In it, press reporter Anton Troianovski gives a study of a business design in downtrend and mentions soaking portions of SMS usage.

To borrow from the guide for the sake of context:.

“The brand-new messaging tools– responses to Analysis In Motion Ltd.’s well-liked BlackBerry Messenger– are an increasing risk to a texting company that generated $25 billion in income in the U.S. and Canada last year.

Carriers, such as AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless, fee costs ranging from 20 cents each content to $20 a month for endless texting. The texting company has low costs and high margins. A dollar of texting income produces a minimum of 80 cents of profit compared to about 35 cents of profit from $1 in wireless information or voice services, according to professionals at UBS.

The obstacles posed by options to text messaging mirror the broader adjustments roiling the cordless market as carriers scramble to adjust to tools like the iPhone and Android devices, which offer mobile phone users much more versatility in exactly how they interact.”.

It’s not all for the likes of AT&T and traditional providers though. To completion of his lightening piece, Troianovski takes note how texting stays realistic for its inter-device performance. Additionally, in Western Europe texting culture will likely remain in spot as large carriers in the Netherlands slightly adjust their registration to fit the progressing market or go the Deutsche Telekom means and just adhere to same old, usual.

Check out the whole article by opening up the source link listed below. It’s highly advised.

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