Use android numpad


Numpad – use your Android as a PC keyboard!

This program allows you to use your Android-based handset as a “numpad” to your computer.

Install the app from the below QR code.
Open this web page and allow the Java applet to run. I think I have all the issues with signed certificates figured out.
Have the Android and computer on the same wireless network. This all works via broadcasts within the same subnet.
If more than one person uses this program on the same network then one of you should change your username using the below field and options menu on your phone.


If the applet fails to load I recommend you restart the browser instead of refreshing the page.
Debugging output can be toggled on and off with the checkbox below.
This program was tested on Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista SP2 and Linux 2.6.38.
Firewalls may interfere with this application. The port used is 56720.

Please note that this version does not attempt to encrypt data. Although unlikely, it is possible someone could sniff your credit card number. If your wifi network is secured with WPA2-PSK you trust everyone on that network then you’re good. If you’re buying plane tickets at Starbucks you might not be so good. Use discretion. I plan to implement cryptography in a future release if users are interested.

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