Use android phone as computer microphone


WO Mic: Making use of your Android phone like a virtual mic for the desktop

Our Android phones and pills are capable of doing numerous functions besides mere phone calls, SMS texting, and web surfing, but frequently take this stuff as a given because more often than not it’s used by us for enjoying games, watching videos and taking advantage of other applications. Consequently, we do not become familiar with some of what our Android products can perform for all of us.

For instance, maybe you do not know that you could really make use of your device like a backup modem, speaker, and virtual microphone-with the aid of an application for example WO Mic, that’s.

Why on the planet can you help make your phone like a microphone if you’re able to just purchase a backup mic? To begin with, that’s type of bulky, and 2nd, if you’re really in a rush, your phone is among the stuff that you most likely wouldn’t forget. So, if you’re within an important online meeting as well as your microphone all of a sudden jammed, you could grab your phone and allow the show continue.

WO Mic makes them things possible. This application is produced by Wireless Orange which is designed for the only reason for turning your Android device right into a virtual microphone.

How it operates

All that you should do would be to install this application in your tool and install the WO Mic desktop client on your pc, and you’re simply all set. Obviously, you need to connect your phone for your computer for this to operate. The truly amazing factor relating to this is the fact that when you’re really in a rush and also you didn’t remember to create a USB cable, it’ll still work since you can also connect your device for your PC via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Establishing this application is simply quick however, you most likely have to install software or perhaps a driver to ensure that your pc can recognize your device like a microphone, but it can be done very rapidly, too.

This application is really simple but handy especially if you’re a busy person when it comes to online talking or perhaps a frequent user of Skype. When it comes to compatibility, there’s a setback, as this application only supports Home windows Computers, but hopefully a brand new multi-platform version is going to be coded in the approaching several weeks.

This application really isn’t that sophisticated and comprehensive to deal with all of your possible PC needs, but it definately is an excellent factor to possess for problems. So, if you feel you can usually benefit from the functionality that WO Mic brings, why don’t you try it out? You never know you may even like making use of your phone like a virtual mic than you’d a real microphone.

You are able to download WO Mic in the Google Play Store, and also the WO Mic desktop client for the computer obtainable from here (with instructions for setting up the motorists).

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