Use android phone as webcam


After reading through this short article, you’ll have the ability to use your Android phone like a webcam for Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, or other program on your pc that may use a webcam. I had been frustrated that Skype did not allow video chat in my phone once they lately up-to-date their application to permit this, and made the decision to find a way to get this done while using existing camcorder on my cell phone. Why purchase a separate webcam if you’re able to use the main one in your wallet?

Note: only a few Android phones work that way, plus some more recent phones possess a devoted webcam built-in.

Your phone should already support video and also have either wi-fi or bluetooth. You are able to connect via USB cable however i wasn’t able to perform it, you must do port sending which isn’t easy related to certain configurations.

For reference, Used to do this utilizing a Samsung Universe S phone (Captivate), making this specific to my knowledge about other phones it might be quite different. This is actually the beauty and animal part about Android: it’s great personalization but fragmentation among the different sorts of phones.
Getting Began

First you will need to determine which application you want to use. This is not as large an activity as you may image, as you will find only really three such applications for Android which are active and also have good reviews. Each application has its own negative and positive things, but hopefully you’ll find one which works for you as well as your phone.

These use some type of client program on your pc so you will have to install that an email psychic reading it working. This enables you to definitely kind of trick your pc into thinking the unit is really a webcam which may be utilized in Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, and so forth. I examined all the applications in Skype and Gmail chat.
Choose Your Webcam
IP Webcam

IP Webcam

IP Webcam works only on wi-fi which means you need your phone to become connected this way to use this application. The setup is fairly easy but you will find a couple of stuff you required to configure in Skype properly to use it. I possibly could not get results in Gmail chat (Google Talk) to ensure that is really a large disadvantage. Also, it presently doesn’t support audio.

Cost: Free
Requires: 1.6+
Market Link: IP Webcam
Developer: Pas

Click here inside your internet browser: (replace using the Ip that seems within the application in your phone). You will notice instructions along with a connect to the recording feed.
Install the program: (only video, no audio but new beta version has audio, however i did not test drive it)
In Skype Options > Video configurations, choose &ldquoIP Webcam MJPG&rdquo because the source.
Click the Webcam configurations button under Skype Video Configurations use the raw URL option at the very top and enter your video feed address – for instance (replace together with your Ip in the application on the telephone).

You may want to alter the configurations in Skype if you want to another place, or perhaps your router assigns a dynamic Ip. If you’re carrying this out in your own home, try to setup a static IP for the phone so it’s not necessary to alter the Skype video configurations constantly.


DroidCam is a little simpler to set up and use in comparison to IP Webcam. However it appears like you will find more possibilities in IP Webcam with DroidCam the disposable version does not permit you to alter the video format or resolution. Droidcam works together with Gmail chat and Skype. I possibly could not obtain the USB choice to work, since you need to forward ports on your pc (I can not do that with my current firewall). Wi-fi and Bluetooth work fine. The audio works nevertheless its a little uneven &mdash not prepared for prime-time yet.

Cost: Free (DroidCamX upgrade available)
Requires: 2.1+
Market Link: DroidCam
Developer: Dev47Apps

Visit the website to obtain the application for the computer and do the installation.
Open the application on your pc and also the application in your phone.
On your pc, determine which approach to use (Wi-fi, USB, or Bluetooth)
If you are using Wi-fi, go into the Ip that seems within the application in your phone in to the DroidCam client and choose audio, video, or both (only video can be done via Bluetooth)
Click Connect around the DroidCam client to begin streaming video (if using Bluetooth, click Prepare)
In Skype or Gmail chat video configurations choose &ldquoDroidCam&rdquo because the source.

Similar to the IP Webcam, you will need to alter the configurations in Skype if you work with the Wi-fi option.


SmartCam works via Bluetooth (with video and audio – however the audio is a touch uneven) and wi-fi. You are able to alter the resolution, unlike DroidCam, therefore it will get a thumbs available online for.

Cost: Free
Requires: 2.2+
Market Link: SmartCam
Developer: Deion

Visit the website to obtain the application for the computer and do the installation. (Click here for that latest Home windows version.)
Open the applying on your pc and install/open the SmartCam Android application.
On your pc, determine which approach to use (Wi-fi, USB, or Bluetooth)
Within the Configurations menu around the SmartCam application, choose your connection type and configure your Bluetooth or Wi-fi configurations (go into the local Ip of the computer because the &ldquoremote server&rdquo the main harbour most likely will not have to be transformed)
Within the SmartCam computer application configurations choose your connection type just like you probably did within the phone application
Within the phone app’s menu click on the Connect Wi-fi or Bluetooth button
In Skype or Gmail chat video configurations choose &ldquoSmartCam&rdquo because the source.


That is best? Well, for connections via Wi-fi all of them labored fine, but DroidCam could do audio and was simpler to setup therefore it arrives on the top there.

For Bluetooth I ought to luck with SmartCam, which can perform audio too, which DroidCam cannot.

IP Webcam provides extensive features but was undoubtedly the biggest space-eater on the telephone and computer. Whether it was simpler to setup via USB I would suggest doing the work this way as you can get a far more stable connection. I am not so near to the Wi-fi router I use, therefore the video could be laggy and including audio does not help.

The application I preferred was SmartCam, but DroidCam is fairly close and also the compensated version offers many of the same features. Best of luck looking to get your webcam setup, it is not easy but it is not so hard either &mdash you’ll have the ability to get it done after some persistence!

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