Verizon droid bionic update problems


Motorola Droid Bionic ICS 4..4, totally reset if update fails

Regular visitors of Phones Review will most likely have breathed a hugh sigh of relief lately whenever we says finally the Motorola Droid Bionic Android 4..4 ICS update was finally moving out. This is a real saga and that we gave visitors the happy news and particulars from the update as well as told the way the Droid Bionic had been put into Motorola’s latest list on its products that will get the 4.1 Jelly Bean update. However we now have heard that many people are getting problems using the ICS update but that the totally reset fix might help.

There’s been plenty of frustration venting from Motorola Droid Bionic proprietors who felt disappointment by the amount of time it required Motorola and Verizon to unveil the Frozen Treats Sandwich update so it was best to finally have the ability to tell visitors that ICS was now being pressed in stages. We gave instructions for visitors regarding how to proceed using the update when they received notification as well as how you can check by hand for that update so if you wish to see more about that check our earlier article here.

However we received many comments from visitors who have been still pretty angry concerning the wait. We received some comments to state the update have been effective but there have been also plenty of visitors from locations over the US who stated after a little days that they are still awaiting the ICS update for his or her Droid Bionic so we have experienced new reviews stating that the update does not appear to become employed by all, following difficulties setting up it. ICS 4..4 build 6.7.246 continues to be moving out but Android Spin informs how some customers updates are failing.

Should this happen for you then your advice would be to consider using a factory totally reset after which install the update again. Should you have a look in the Android Central Forums you’ll be able to observe that some Droid Bionic customers have reported failing using the installation, despite the fact that they’ve attempted it several occasions. The above mentioned tip appears to possess labored for many customers although not all if you haven’t already attempted to obtain your taste of ICS only then do we hope everything goes easily for you personally. If you’re still getting difficulties though then Verizon indicates that you simply tell them

We are always interested to listen to comments from your visitors if you possess a Motorola Droid Bionic you may could tell us in case your ICS update went easily or maybe you have had difficulty setting up it? Possibly you have not received notification yet and manual inspections still do not show it as being ready for the device? You may have further tips that you could tell visitors about things they are able to try if their update has unsuccessful?

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