View clipboard history on android


Keep The Clipboard History A Lengthy-Press Away With ClipStore And Button

Maybe you are much like me: you do not find Voice Search everything helpful you possess an impenetrably foreign, non-Google-approved accent you are annoyed by the only-entry character of Android’s traditional clipboard.

Should you deem your complement any one of individuals things, I am prepared to wager you discover a minumum of one of these two programs on show here useful.

Android’s clipboard is not anything special. You place stuff there also it vanishes whenever you overwrite it with another thing. ClipStore is a fairly twist on that, offering the opportunity to save your valuable previous clipboard records, pin records, add records by hand, and re-copy old records.

ClipStore fades in over your present application.

ClipStore could be utilized in the status bar, or … well, we’ll reach that other method later. Within the configurations, you are able to set how lengthy ClipStore will wait before saving your present clipboard to the history – I transformed it to “Unset” which appears in order to save replicated text instantly.

Additions can be created using the Add button revealed by pressing your MENU key, and former records could be replicated to your present clipboard simply by tapping them. It’s also easy to remove records should you don’t want ClipStore retaining sensitive information, but remember that you can’t remove the most recent entry (ie. your present clipboard) as ClipStore will just re-copy the clipboard back to its history.

You will find other programs offering similar functionality, for example Clipper and ClipBird, but ClipStore appeals most using its inconspicuous UI.
Button Shortcut

You may not use Voice Search? I am talking about, really, aside from showing people how amazing your phone is? If I am honest, I do not, also it seems like Voice Search takes up helpful button-space by taking up the lengthy-press SEARCH slot. This is where Button Shortcut is available in. Button Shortcut adds a choice inside your lengthy-press menu for SEARCH (and also the Camera button, for those who have one) which in turn enables you to definitely launch any application through it. I initially had your camera application set towards the shortcut, because the Google Android Nexus One doesn’t have camera button, but when I discovered ClipStore I felt it had been an ideal match.


We have an ad at the end, however, you rarely open the applying itself anyway.

Operation of Button Shortcut really is easy. Start the applying, and select whichever application you want to launch when lengthy-pressing SEARCH. The next time you lengthy-press, a menu can look, allowing you to set Button Shortcut because the new default. This can then launch the application you’re considering, within my situation ClipStore.

Ideally this functionality could be built-into Android itself, but Button Shortcut appears to have the desired effect pretty nicely.

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