Vodafone vodem android


Be online with Mobile Broadband.

If you’re looking for the control of Prepay and want to be online in more places, then Prepay Mobile Broadband is for you.
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A bonus 2GB data Add-On will be set up for you when you receive your Prepay Pocket WiFi.

Once the 2GB is used up or expires then you can purchase any one of our data Add-Ons listed. The Add-Ons will continue to be charged each month until cancelled or when there is not enough credit. There is no fixed term and you can cancel anytime.

*The 2 month period starts once you activate your Vodem’s SIM. After your initial 2GB bundle has either expired or been used if you use the Vodem without purchasing either a 100MB Broadband Lite or 512 MB Broadband Surfer Add-On, your credit will be consumed at a daily rate of $1 for your first 10MB, and $1 for each MB thereafter. The offer is available until further notice.

When you plug in your USB Vodem to your computer, your software will connect to our 3G or 3G Extended network for you to connect to the Internet.
Top up bundles

If you run out of data on your recurring monthly data Add-On, you can simply purchase a top up bundle by TXTing through the Vodafone Mobile Connect software and get going again.

Top up bundles last for a month from when they are applied and will be used before your recurring monthly data Add-On.

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