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Wedding Dash – Dash Must Go On…

If you know every corner of Flo’s diner better than your own place, and have completed all the levels in each of 3 Diner Dash series, we have good news for you…Even if you have no idea of what Diner Dash is, we still have good news for you.

This summer Playfirst, creators of Diner Dash and inventors of time-management genre, presented new title called Wedding Dash. Doesn’t it remind you of any other game? R-right, in terms of gameplay, Wedding Dash is a mere sequel to the world-renowned Diner Dash, but talking frankly, this game is as gripping as its best-selling predecessor.

So, imagine Diner Dash gameplay wrapped in festive and elegant wedding settings and spiced up with wedding irony that turns the game into a real comedy movie.

Wedding Dash Game DownloadJust picture yourself in the high-heeled shoes of Quinn, Flo’s best friend who becomes wedding planner against her own will.

It all started when Quinn’s sister’s wedding was under threat of failure and the desperate sister asked for Quinn’s help.

This is how the main heroine got into the gripping world of never-ending weddings. So, each level of Wedding Dash is another wedding party that you are to arrange and take care of.
But the task will be slightly tougher than in Diner Dash, since you will be controlling two characters: Quinn and a waiter.

Wedding Dash Game DownloadYour job list:

1. For Quinn: Make the basic arrangements(flowers, cake, menu, honeymoon trip) based on the preferences of bride and groom.

2. Quinn: Seat guests according to their preferences. That means you’ve got to seat them where they want to sit and never seat them next to the people they don’t want to mix with. Their preferences will be displayed in a thought bubble above the head of each coming guest.

3. Waiter: Take the gifts and bring them to the couple.

4. Serve guests. This part is similar to Diner Dash. You will be serving three courses: appetizer, basic dish and cake. Luckily, there is no need in busing the table or something else, as the guests will just vanish to the dance-floor after they eat.

Wedding Dash Game Download5. Quinn: while observing the wedding, you are to quickly avert the troubles such as catfight of two bridesmaids, or burning of grill because of the strong wind, cast away bees or calm down bride’s old aunt who starts weeping at the wedding.

Ok, if you think you can handle this trouble-go-round, I will tell you something rewarding. For every successful action you get a number of points. So, on each level you are to earn the fixed score in order to proceed to the next one.
In 50 levels of the main Career mode you will be witnessing the increasing challenge of wedding planning.

Wedding Dash Game DownloadIn Endless Reception mode, you can take your time and play the game to your heart’s content – no need to care about making the required sum of money by the fixed time.

Two more tips for Wedding Dash (if you haven’t started playing yet):

1. Seat the guests very reasonably. If they all love Chloe, seat her in the middle of the table so you can seat two more people next to her.
2. Chain the orders just like you used to do in Diner Dash.

Wedding Dash Game DownloadCollect the gifts from two guests at the same time and deliver them to the couple. Bring two food items to the guests instead of serving one at a time.

Ok, if you are a fan of time-management games, this game is a must-try for you. With its classical, highly-polished time-management gameplay, cute cartoon graphics and brilliant irony, Wedding Dash has everything to be called next game hit.

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