What to do when your android is frozen on the apple screen


Ipod device Frozen at Apple Logo design Screen Solution

This is actually the solution for Ipod device touch freezing in the Apple logo design after restarting. This really is most typical for those who have a jailbroken or jailbreak ipod device touch. The restarting problem affects all ipod device touches such as the latest version. This is actually the scenario, skip to another paragraph for that solution.

Ipod device program crashed and was slow which means you totally reset it and it is now stuck in the Apple logo design.
In case your ipod device has crashed or perhaps is slow and unresponsive, and also you haven’t totally reset the ipod device touch, do this now.
You hard totally reset the ipod device touch by holding the energy button and residential button for five seconds. This makes the ipod device touchscreen black, then show the Apple logo design.
For those who have a jailbroken ipod device touch, your ipod device touch will find yourself in trouble in the Apple logo design and never continue loading the iOS Apple operating-system. This is actually the problem we solve here.

Fixing stuck ipod device touch at Apple logo design screen

The answer in case your ipod device touch is stuck in the Apple logo design and won’t startup. In the Apple logo design in your frozen ipod device touch.

First, don’t stress! We are able to solve this without rebuilding in the iTunes backup save. I understand you do not have one. It has happened three occasions to my tool and every time this process activly works to repair the problem with no system restore procedure.

Follow this step-by-step tactic to fix your ipod device touch:

Hard totally reset the ipod device touch again. You need to do this by holding the energy button and also the home button in together for five seconds. This is going to do a tough totally reset.
Wait a few minutes.
Do another hard totally reset And wait again.

Keep repeating the above mentioned procedure for restarting the ipod device touch and waiting a few minutes until it reaches the lock screen. Congratulations! Your stuck ipod device touch has become fixed. It will take over forty-five minutes, don’t quit.

Two occasions my ipod device touch required about half an hour, however the before it required forty-five minutes. The ipod device touch is repairing the whole internal filesystem whenever you hard restart following the crash which needs time to work. Have patience, relax and resetting while using above procedure. It’s okay to hold back 10 or perhaps fifteen minutes between hard starts over if you would like to be certain.

Following the ipod device isn’t frozen in the Apple logo design any longer it’ll show the standard lock screen and all sorts of files is going to be okay except the final factor you probably did before the disaster happened won’t be processed. Therefore if the final factor in your ipod device touch was removing an application, then that application it’s still around the filesystem and display on screen. Now you can remove the application and it’ll remove like normal around the ipod device touch.

Should you now turn off the ipod device touch it’ll switch on not surprisingly without freezing in the Apple logo design.

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