What’s the best twitter app for android 2012


Best Twitter App for Android?

The Mobile Nations World Tour is within full pressure and my quick studies month on Android continues. One factor I have rapidly realized is the fact that Android = Options. In some instances, a lot of options. There’s simply not sufficient time within the day to test *everything* out.

I’ve put considerable time directly into using every Android keyboard I’m able to get hold of to determine which is the best for a conventional two-thumb Rim typist like myself (more about that later), however when it involves Twitter applications, I am going to accept shortcut and request for Android Central’s advice. Another week I posed the issue what add-ons I ought to upgrade on my Android phone? and that i got an incredible response in the community. I am sure exactly the same is going to be true when it comes to applications for that twitter.

I have installed a few Android twitter clients to date — I have observed each one has some benefits and drawbacks — but you will find a lot of options within the Google Play Store. So I wish to know… what’s your preferred twitter app? Publish your ideas within the comments, and make certain to state why it is your favorite. You will be helping not just me here, but other Android customers too. Seem off!

Oh, and when you need to see which twitter app I finish up choosing, make sure to follow me on twitter at @crackberrykevin. Hmm.. maybe with this month I ought to change my handle to @candroidkevin. That kind of includes a nice ring into it.

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