X-Plane for Android


Some games are designed with almost no learning curve and are aimed at all types of users, Then there is the flight simulator genre.These games appeal primarily to those that are looking for the most realistic and intense flying scenario possible. X-Plane is one of these titles, with a desktop version that is a near-perfect simulation of flight. While not nearly as realistic as the computer version, X-Plane also offers an excellent Android experience. The game’s maker, Laminar Research, claims the Android variant is a close second to the desktop title with “85% accuracy” when compared to the game’s PC counterpart.

A flight simulator with great accuracy and graphics on a mobile, could it get better than that? Yes it can, it’s now free.When X-Plane for Android first launched it came with a hefty price tag at $10, and cost even more if you added additional features and planes via in-app purchases. Eventually, Laminar Research decided to cut it down to $2.99. At this price point it was very successful. Now they’ve done even better, giving it away for free through Google Play.

Laminar hopes the free-to-play model attracts even more users through a free-to-play model that offers in-app additions at an extra price. Considering downloads have already jumped up, it seems the idea is already working in their favor.This is no substitute for the full PC simulation experience but it is certainly the closest you are going to find in the mobile world.

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