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Scoping Losses with Your Smart Phone


One of my first jobs at Xactware was soldering a special headset with an integrated microphone that we used to provide to estimators for onsite scoping. At the time, this was considered state-of-the-art stuff. Estimators connected the headsets to a voice-activated recorder and would walk through a damaged structure recording their scope of the loss. Later they sat at a computer in their office and used those recorded notes to compile the estimate.

Although a lot has changed in technology over the years, the need to efficiently scope the loss at the job site has not. Over the years Xactware has worked with its customers on a variety of ways to capture the information on the job site in the computer. In our current Xactimate system this includes voice dimensioning, integration with the Disto laser measuring device, the ability to run on tablets—including pen based systems— and much more.

The most recent release of the professional version of Xactimate 27.1 includes an exciting new feature that provides estimators with a significant leap forward in onsite scoping capability. XactScope is an app for BlackBerry phones that allows estimators to quickly enter scope information into their phone, then electronically transfer the information to their Xactimate system. The result is fast onsite scoping using the phone that estimators probably already have in their pocket. No new equipment is needed and users only enter data once. And yes, for those of you wondering, the iPhone version of XactScope is coming very soon.

Back when I was soldering headsets, a mobile phone weighed two pounds, cost around $4,000, and the battery charge lasted 30 minutes at the most. As a techie at heart, I’m delighted that the latest smart phone technology and XactScope have made both the headset and the “brick” obsolete.

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