XBMC celebrates its 10th anniversary


This month marks the XBMC team’s 10th anniversary together. In October of 2002 the first beta version of XBMC was on its way, combining the codes and efforts of two different projects. These earlier projects were know as Yet Another Media Player (YAMP) and the Xbox Media Player. As a way of celebrating the team’s anniversary, the developers behind XBMC are releasing a new version of their software with several exciting changes baked in.

So what is new in this update? Quite a bit, actually. Two features in particular stand out above the rest. One of these additions is PRV support.

Now users with a TV tuner can watch live TV, listen to radio and schedule recordings. The XBMC team does caution that the newly added PVR features are a work in progress. This means that quite a bit of computing knowledge will be needed to make the PVR feature work, at least for now.

The other highly anticipated feature is the addition of Raspberry Pi support. While unofficial XBMC builds have supported this ability for a while now, this is the first time that the $35 mini-computer is getting support directly in the mainline build. As an owner of a Raspberry Pi, I’m particularly excited about this new feature.

Is that all that has changed? Far from it. Other improvements include tagging support for TV shows and music videos, improvements in the slideshow movement and GUI speedups for the Android version. For the full list of changes, hit up the source section below.Happy anniversary XBMC. Anyone else excited about this new update?

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