Xda developers android task manager


it may be beneficially to by hand quit applications inside a couple of rare installments of acting up applications. As a result, task management continues to be an element of the Android world for quite a while.

Their email list of applications available to get this done is very extensive, but oftentimes nobody application can fill the requirements of every user. aims to alter this with Application Timer Professional. It is filled with features, including:

Kill any application at any given time you select with optional volume diminish.
Easily view which applications are active.
Monitors available memory.
Kill individual application process.
Un-install application (send towards the package manager).
Launch application.
Threshold monitoring and process killing.
Recurring processes killing.
Selected list (applications and procedures to exclude).
Innovative help screens.
Backup and restore options.
Primary list shows package title along with other info.
Change category to exhibit specific processes/applications.
Kill all option.
Widget that monitors available RAM and button to kill all.
Easy stop and start in the primary menu.
Highly easy to customize configurations.
Proceed to Sdcard enabled.
Hardware acceleration enabled for Android 3.+.

Together with the normal task management features, Application Timer Professional adds various features not found very frequently. Gleam large amount of room for personalization, and personalization isn’t a poor factor. Individuals absolutely believing that they require an activity killer despite best practice might find that one worth considering.

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