Yandex takes on Google with an alternative Android app store now


Yandex is the Russian Google, claiming over 60 percent market share for its search engine within Russia. It is also an advertising company, an e-commerce payment system, social and professional network, and a lot more. The latest expansion is into Google’s Android ecosystem with Yandex.Store, an Android app market that will offer around 40,000 applications on release.

The store will work much like the established app markets, with Yandex claiming 30 percent of the take from apps and games and 70 percent going to the developer. It will also support in-app purchases and payments via mobile billing, e-money or credit cards. It will be offered to other companies as a complete white-label solution which they can brand for themselves. Russian carrier MegaFon is apparently the first customer to sign up and the Yandex.Store will come preinstalled on devices from PocketBook, text and 3Q .

This seems like the latest front in a war with Google. Yandex also announced that it will be releasing its own web browser. Within Russia, at least, Yandex is winning by a distance.

The store should open sometime this month. Any interested developers looking for a new outlet for their wares can check out the Yandex Store Developer site and sign up.Google recently celebrated 25 billion app downloads from Google Play with a series of discounts. Google Play is closing in on 700,000 apps (it just passed 675,000) so Yandex has its work cut out.We will take a closer look when Yandex.Store launches. In the meantime, if you have any experience with Yandex, post a comment and let us know what you think about this.The more players in the playground (If they are not Patent troll like Crapple) the better for us,i wish that company can heat up the competition with google, as i know google will be ready to show us wondersProbably will just end up being another game playground like Amazon app store has turned into.

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