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VOD service Viewster gets look Android app


While a lot of companies are fighting it out trying to make headway in the video on demand market, there isn’t much room for more than a select few of them to truly succeed. With its new Android and iOS

Android app for repairing almost anything


Maybe you have had an essential conversation with someone however, you were instructed to call her or him back since your device malfunctioned? What about a period when your precious device broke only the next day of its warranty expired?If

Android App to Download Torrent Files with Resume Support


Many people prefer to download stuff from the web using torrents or Internet download managers because even when you switch your pc off, you can easily pause your download and resume installing next time you open your computer. It is

Android App for Creating Mind Maps


If you are you aren’t large, stellar ideas, your mind’s wheels always appear to become a-turning. Getting a pen and paper handy may have offered you some comfort, and also the pen-and-paper tandem could be helpful when ever you want

Android app for blocking calls and texts


Are you currently getting undesirable calls from the creepy stalker or perhaps is a brokerage house once you to purchase stocks via them? Might be you’re frustrated with constantly removing the junk e-mail texts that you simply appear to go

Android app for barnes and noble


Barnes & Noble features Nook for Android. This is available in the type of a totally free application that allows customers read e-books with easy to customize font styles. The organization states this is actually the first Android eReader application

Android app for cracking wifi passwords


The Wi-fi compatability adapter inside your laptop includes a special mode – monitor mode – you can use to pay attention in on Wi-fi compatability traffic and, after some persistence, may be used to crack a WEP password. Remarkably, this

Android app for disguising caller id


It’s the thing it states plus much more. Yeah your use for your telephone number turning up from case to case you’re calling’s Caller Identification. Or you might block your Caller Identification. But KNOW you could have a variety show

Android app for data usage monitoring


One cannot wait to load their recently bought Android smartphone with different applications, varying from games and battery savers to task managers and nearly anything else that involves mind. These applications are designed for not just simplifying our chores, but

Simple android app ideas for beginners


Earn Money From Android App – Concept That Works Included in the Earn Money From Android App series, the initial part of Android App clients are to getting a concept that actually works. If you notice the Android Market, you