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Android apps that can make you money


The smartphone app business is making lots of money, but it’s all funneled one-way: to the developers. Here are a few apps that can put a little cash in your pocket.In the mobile world, apps are where it’s at. Mashable

Android apps board games 2012


Back in the days when iPhone and Android apps did not exist, people entertained themselves with thigs like reading, drawing, dancing, and, you guessed it, playing board games. But despite the arrival of the digital age, board games have not

Computer language android apps written


It’s primarily a combination of C and Java code. The core of it is Linux, so that is all C (with a wee bit of assembly). The Dalvik VM is also written in C. But much of what people think

Android apps new phone transfer


Almost all the friends in my social circle own an Android phone and those who don’t have it yet are planning to get one shortly. So with so many Androids around, we frequently talk about new apps and how they

Android apps calendar review 2012


If the built-in calendar app for your Android device doesn’t fill all of your needs, Jack Wallen says one of these apps and widgets should do the trick.My numerous calendars (editorial calendars, client calendars, personal calendars, etc.) dictate the ebb

Android apps development environment


I wasted some 3 hours to set it up. Did not exactly waste, I always find the setting the development environment the most annoying, difficult step in my development efforts. Here are some step by step instructions you can follow

Android apps compared to apple apps


A comment frequently heard about iPad apps is how they are more polished than similar Android apps. I have made the same observation as I use both platforms regularly. A lot of that polish has to do with iPad developers

Android apps for healthcare providers


Eight months ago, we published our list of the Top 5 Free Android medical apps. Since that time, the Android platform has expanded significantly. The buzz surrounding Android — exciting phones, expanding market share, more apps, and even a “Medical”

Top 10 android apps this week


It’s been a slow week for notable new Android apps, so we’re dropping down from the usual 20 to 10 – hopefully just a one-week measure.As ever, games aren’t included because there’s a separate weekly post for them. The weekly

Android apps camera exposure


Commendable camera-based Android apps are hard to come by. However, apps from said genre do tend to attract a lot of attention. Users like to be creative with the way they take pictures and sometimes, the plain stock camera app