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Best android apps lock screen


The 4 Best Lock Screen Replacement Apps For Your Android Device I’ve never understood the bizarre fascination with lock screens. On Android and iPhone, people love to customize their lock screen with widgets, feeds, and all sorts of flibberty gibbert

Best android apps for toddlers 2012


Are you a parent of a young child? Do you own a smartphone? If you answered both of these questions with a “yes”, then chances are you sometimes give your smartphone to your kid just to keep him or her

Top 5 best android apps editor 2012


Android devices are getting more and more popular and the demand for Android apps is increasing. For photography lovers, Android photo editors are necessary to help them edit and retouch photos on the Android devices conveniently.There are lots of different

Best android apps games 2012


Amazing Alex Free Angry Birds creator Rovio acquired this game from an indie developer, but it’s been given the full-blown Rovio treatment: lots of short, fast, physics-based challenges that make it difficult to put down. Worth coughing up $0.99 for

Top 5 best android apps weather 2012


Here in the UK I’ve been experiencing a fair amount of rain, as such, I’ve been frantically checking the weather on my phone and tablet to see if the rain is ever going to stop. To that end, Android Headlines

Best android apps for university students


Being a student can be a tough at times. Not because of what it entails as a whole; by most accounts including my own it pretty much rocks. But at times studying, assignments, exams, part-time jobs and a hectic social

Best android apps for college students 2012


So you (or your child) are going off to college this fall? Don’t forget to pack a toothbrush, some extra-long sheets, a great laptop, and all the important tech gear. These essential apps for your Android phone will help keep

Best android apps for watching movies 2012


Smartphone makers have maintained high-end specification standards along with features such as advanced screen types, high resolution and sleek exteriors. All these capabilities strive to offer users a complete on-the-go experience. While smartphones turn into entertainment hubs, the Android Market

Best android apps for new parents 2012


Even though your baby isn’t old enough to use a smart phone yet, there are plenty of great apps that can make your life as a new parent easier. Here are a few that are recommended by experienced KC parents!A

Best android apps for managing contacts


This is one of the best android contact managers you could find on Android market. This Android contact app comes with wonderful features like search contacts by name or number, sort contacts by last name or other parameters, sync android