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Ipad 2 flash memory upgrade


As an Apple fanatic, I ordered the iPad2 from Apple yesterday morning and sitting here imagining what it would be like to play with. As I read the various reviews from the zillion web sites who cover it I came

Install android 3g on ipad


Why you can probably skip 3G on iPad 2 (WIRED) — When you’re shopping for an iPad 2, you have a dozen configurations to choose from, and some recent discoveries will make this decision much easier for you. To configure

Android chrome user agent ipad


User-agent for Google Chrome, Open Android Interface on Chrome We use Google Chrome browser on computer to browse the web. Now a days specially designed apps, websites are available for Smartphones like Android phones. Do you know, you can open

Best top 10 facebook apps for ipad

ipad apps1

With the iPhone’s dominance in the market, Apple released a tablet which changed that specific market forever; it became extremely competitive with several companies trying to take Apple’s market share, but the iPad still remains the best-selling tablet. As Facebook