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Top 10 fitness apps 2012


Staying in shape is hard work. Aching muscles, burning lungs and sore feet are just a few of the side effects your body will encounter along the way to improving your overall fitness level.Getting healthier isn’t much easier, either. What

Top 10 best paid android apps 2012


We have included both the Top 10 list for paid and free apps. Latest update! The BEST Android Apps of 2012 here in this list! The Android Market (Now Known as Google Play) has now proven to be a source

Top 10 shopping apps for android 2012


Whether you’re shopping for groceries or the next technological gadget that you have to have, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 shopping apps that are a must if you’re a frequent shopper or just want to find the

Top 10 network apps 2012


If software is not kept updated across your IT estate, then your security could be at risk. This video identifies the Top 10 most targeted applications and suggests how you can strengthen security and reliability despite the ever-increasing number of

Top 10 android apps this week


It’s been a slow week for notable new Android apps, so we’re dropping down from the usual 20 to 10 – hopefully just a one-week measure.As ever, games aren’t included because there’s a separate weekly post for them. The weekly

Top 10 android apps in android market


The open source nature of Google’s OS means there are plenty of fantastic apps for Android to be found.And most of the good stuff on Android is free, thanks to the work of developers who do it for love alone.So

Top 10 android apps entertainment


In our quest to provide our readers with cool, interesting and useful android apps, we’ve been covering new apps and games for quite a lot time. But this time, taking a diversion from what’s new and hot, we seek out

Top 10 android apps worth paying 2012


We’ve already shown you our favourite 60 best free Android apps, but what of the produce from those developers keen to actually make a bit of money from spending all their spare time hunched over a development phone?More great apps

Top 10 android apps for men


If a man wishes to thrive in today’s world, he needs to embrace new technology and new tools. For many men, their go-to, everyday tool is their cell phone. What was once just a device to make simple phone calls,

Top 10 android apps women 2012


Women have to play different roles their entire life. As students, wives, businesswomen, mothers, the list is endless. In fact, multi-tasking becomes a part of their lives. So it is but natural that when people develop apps, women will be