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Top 5 android music apps 2012


After skipping a month we are back with our popular Top 5 Android App Series. A lot has changed in the first quarter of 2012. Developers still prefer selling their apps in the iOS Store rather than the Android Marketplace.

Top 5 strategy games for ipad


There are plenty of turn-based apps based on the classic Risk board game, but the gorgeous Conquist 2 will be the one you’ll keep coming back to.You can choose any one of eight maps to fight over, either against bots

Top 5 android running apps


Being a nerd takes a heavy toll. Until those virtual reality or electronic hamster balls arrive, we just don’t get that much exercise. That is, unless you choose to. Time to start working out – or, more specifically, to start

Top 5 best android apps editor 2012


Android devices are getting more and more popular and the demand for Android apps is increasing. For photography lovers, Android photo editors are necessary to help them edit and retouch photos on the Android devices conveniently.There are lots of different

Top 5 most useful android apps


Android phones are rising in popularity. The Android Appstore is rising in popularity and becoming a competitor to the the Apple store. There are a variety of Android apps that can enhance your life.The following post provides an opinion on

Top 5 best android apps weather 2012


Here in the UK I’ve been experiencing a fair amount of rain, as such, I’ve been frantically checking the weather on my phone and tablet to see if the rain is ever going to stop. To that end, Android Headlines

Top 5 android apps nexus one


I just got my Google Nexus One a couple days ago and I’m already enjoying it. It’s not better than the iPhone but certainly at par with it in terms of features and capability. And just like when got my

Top 5 iphone apps for kids education


About a week after I began using my iPhone, I was in love. I had a calendar with me at all times, and I was able to stay on top of my family’s schedule – even though there are six